Thursday, March 16, 2006





So similar and yet so different.

"He felt it in his entrails when he stroked her soft tendrils...."


Why must the blizzard come not on one's day off, but on the day one teaches not one not two not three but four effing classes, two of which are downtown?

How did one wind up spending over $30 at the Dollar Store yesterday? Does one really need a better colander when others are starving / being bombed, tortured, raped, and pillaged / having nervous breakdowns / dying of cancer / living in refugee camps / pissing on the Bill of Rights / getting pink slips / driving SUV's?

Why the addiction to the 5AM Oxygen network yoga show Inhale, which one mistakenly keeps calling "Exhale?"

Why so hard to make the Mac use boldface type and post pictures?

Why so many vinyasa flow teachers named Erin / Erica?

How can the 'Merica increase its debt limit (to $9 trillion) yet again? Did we not at one point have a balanced budget?

Could it have something to do with why they're teaching Chinese to elementary school children?

Why Jon Stewart, and not moi?


  1. parking ticket9:31 AM

    Stop whining about getting around in Chi-Town when it is snowing.

    You city folk have all of that super sonic PUBLIC transport, so you should be happy....

    Laugh out F---ing Loud.

  2. Dreyfuss' surgeon4:32 PM

    I actually thought I'd go all day today without seeing a picture of entrails. Imagine my surprise when I went to your blog!

    Maybe you can do your next WordPlay with something fun. How about "Cunning Stunt" and...