Sunday, March 26, 2006


Things learnt at the first day of the workshop:

-Midtown Lofts is not the Puck Building

-Arriving early for the 8am class means nothing, except missing out on precious sleep.

-The intensive is one week long, not two (no wonder so many people are there, including a large Chicago contingent).

-Guruji has lost some weight but otherwise looks fabulous.

-Sharath's back does pain him and he is indeed taking off the summer.

-Saraswati looks awesome.

-Guruji's count is slower than it was at 6AM in San Francisco.

-Practicing with wall-to-wall mats is kind of fun, except for the part where the guy behind you's big foot keeps getting in yo' face.

-Coming to NYC to see the family is never a bad thing.

-Before practice with Guruji, et al one can be full of piss and bile but afterwords it's disappeared and life seems to have both a rhyme and a reason.

-Perhaps one should extend one's stay in Mysore (May 8 to July 21) to July 31.

-Some people's lives actually move forward; Chris and Wendy's baby now walks, talks and makes sentences

-Chai is still $3

-The question of the day = "Where Miss Y?"

-The fabulous Indian breakfast of uppma has returned. It's served just down the street in a photographer's loft in what was once an historic olde hotel, and it's just as good as last year's.

-The $25 t-shirts are made in Peru and the large is kind of small.

-The last anyone's heard, my old teacher Eric -- the one who convinced me to start teaching -- is now teaching in Istanbul (not Constantinople).

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