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While researching hundredsomething yogi Swami Bua I came across the following interviews. First some background: Buaji came to the US in the 60's with the help of the former Shah of Iran*, whom he cured of some awful illness using yoga. He's been teaching yoga in his Hell's Kitchen apartment** twice a day since the 70's -- never charging a fee (you hear that, Mr. Bikram?) and only eating what's given to him. He's taught and inspired countless people, including a teenage Satya Sai Baba (no relation), and to them he's a household name. They say he's still teaching. I have his telephone number but am reticent to call....

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Ex-mobster Gino Gioe spent 10 years knocking out people in prison.

Is there such a thing as karma?

I believe in karma wholeheartedly. What goes around comes around. Who's keeping track of it? He is [nods to an approaching homeless man, laughs, hands him a bill, and recoils]. This is the filthiest man in the world.

What is the most painful way to die?

That fuckin' machine they put you on to stretch you--the rack. And, at the same time, having an ice pick in the hole of your dick. Slow-torture-type stuff.

Why does every single woman on Earth love the movie Grease?

I think it was the coming-of-age movie for most women. Grease wasn't just a word, it was a rebellious thing: the dancing, the hairdos, the whole nine. It allowed them to be who they wanted to be.


Christopher Langan has an IQ of 195. Einstein's was just 160.

Is there such a thing as karma?

The universe keeps a perfect record of time--it's just that your access to this record is limited by your senses.

What is the most painful way to die?

Alone, unloved, and unfulfilled. They say that burning alive runs a close second, but I can't seem to find any firsthand comparisons.

Why does every single woman on Earth love the movie Grease?

Most women have dreamed about or enjoyed a whirlwind summer romance, and the score is quite popular.


Swami Bua is about 115 and teaches hatha yoga in New York City.

Is there such a thing as karma?

Whether you believe in it or not, karma will interfere with your day-to-day life. It is God who guides. Without his imperial command, not a single blade of grass can move! You may think, "I am doing." That is ego. Ego can beguile us.

What is the most painful way to die?

To commit suicide. That is the greatest sin. You are taking your own life by yourself. You are not supposed to. That is the greatest way of having painful death.

Why does every single woman on Earth love the movie Grease?

A man and a woman must have companions. If you don't have a companion, it is a sin.

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Swami Bua also has a thing or two to say about vegetarianism. From Esoteric New York:

If one is a human being, one must be a vegetarian, says Bua. When you eat meat, you are eating a dead corpse. The human was not meant to eat corpses. It is man's duty to safeguard and protect animals.


*Imagine what the world might look like if the Shah had died of that illness.

**Imagine, at age 116, with rent control, what Swamiji's monthly rent must be. It could inspire a musical....Which reminds me -- Sita Ram is tomorrow night. It's another world premiere by the Tony-winning Lookingglass Theatre (sorry, NYC -- you won't get to see this one for a couple of years).


  1. Dreyfuss11:27 PM

    Cool info about Swami Bua.
    Thnx for posting it!

    You should call that tele #.

  2. I am now a certified blogger, how about that?

    Call me Dr. Webroach.

  3. Dreyfuss' Certified Stalker12:53 PM

    I was so excited to read about Dreyfuss' blog, and yet there is nothing there yet. I guess I have to keep reading this blog for now.

  4. Satya Sai Baba Booey12:54 PM

    I want to read Dreyfuss' blog too! When will it be up?

  5. Anonymous11:12 AM

    You're not certified

  6. Nor am I authorzied.
    Not by the AYRI.
    Not by the Yoga Alliance a group (that formed after I started teaching) devoted to policing the so-called yoga industry in a pre-emptive strike (ie so the government wouldn't start doing it).

  7. dreyfuss' biographer4:44 PM

    Are we talking about yoga certification or blog certification? Becasue I believe Dreyfuss referred to himself as a certified blogger (although I do believe he is also a certified, authorized, canonized yoga instructor as well). But really - who isn't these days? And the great thing is that he's never even been to INDIA. Hell, he's never even been to INDIANA.

  8. Sauterel11:34 PM

    I met Swami Bua in 1977 and spent most of that year with him doing yoga and cooking big meals for everybody. He was great, very funny, always laughing and joking, fond of pretty girls, energetic and youthful in behaviour and movement though he definitely looked his age, which was a mere 87 then. Little did I realize then that by the time I would be in my 50's I would find it so difficult to be anywhere near his level of vitality that he had at 87. He was very devoted to Sai Baba but also extremely independent and extroverted. I was quite astonished but then maybe not so astonished, last year (2006) to find that he is still alive. I managed to find out his telephone number and called him up. I recognized his voice right away and he sounded pretty good at 116. The news today announced that 'the oldest man' in the world died at 115. Swami Bua tried to teach them a thing or two many years ago but they ignored him, and they keep on ignoring him, but he's still older (and yet younger) that the so-called oldest man. Even though I have not seen him for 30 years now, I will never forget him.

  9. Dear All,
    Yesterday, September 5th, 2009, I picked up Swami Buaji from his 330 W58 Street, New York City, to 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, across from Secreterial Building, to attend the Nelson Mandela Award for Minority Empowerment to Mr. Oscar Fernandes, Member of Parliament and Former Union Minister Of India, and there were many dignitaries were present on that occassion. Swai Buaji and Dilipji were also there from 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm. Now he is 120 years old. I also took him to Sohna Punjab Indian Restaurant at 248-03 Union Turnpike, Oueens, New York at 6.00 pm, without any break, and brought him back to my Yoga Institute at 54 Yonkers Terrace around 10.30 pm and took him back to his apartment around 12.00 am. We had a good time with him. He is still alive and in good spirits.
    May Almighty God Bless Him.He is a Living Legend, there is no doubt about it.
    Thomas Koovalloor E-RYT500

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