Thursday, March 23, 2006


tr.v. dis·turbed, dis·turb·ing, dis·turbs

1. To break up or destroy the tranquility or settled state of: "Subterranean fires and deep unrest disturb the whole area"

2. To trouble emotionally or mentally; upset.

a. To interfere with; interrupt: noise that disturbed my sleep.
b. To intrude on; inconvenience: Constant calls disturbed her work.
4. To put out of order; disarrange.


Why should the following be so disturbing, when it really has nothing to do with one's sleep, work, emotional state or sense of order?

At One Yoga co-founder and yoga teacher David Romanelli and Vosges Haut Chocolat founder and chocolatier Katrina Markoff have been great friends since their college years. Katrina and David realized their careers
each involved a unique type of "fusion." Katrina was fusing chocolate with curry, wasabe and chiles to create the Vosges experience.

David was fusing the 5,000 year old practice of yoga with modern music to create Yeah Dave Yoga. Katrina and David launched the Yoga + Chocolate experience in a 2004 retreat to Oaxaca, Mexico recently featured in The New York Times, Breath Magazine, Marie Claire, and NIKKEI (Japanese Wall St. Journal.) Pre-registration is required.

The Yoga and Chocolate workshop will begin with a tasting of chocolatier Katrina Markoff's Indian-inspired Naga creation consisting of sweet Indian curry powder, coconut, and milk chocolate. This will set the tone for David's 90 minute flowing vinyasa yoga class set to great music ranging from Sinatra to Puff Daddy and everything in between. At the end of class, you will be in a deeply relaxed, totally present state of mind as you are guided through a tasting of Katrina's Red Fire creation which consists of Mexican ancho and chipotle chili peppers, ceylon cinnamon and dark chocolate.

You'll finish realizing that a scattered mind diminishes your sense of taste, hearing and smell and you'll remember that being present adds amazing flavor to every moment. This will be the ultimate sensory experience... great music, flowing yoga, inspiring spiritual message, and last but not least, a chocolate sensation not to be forgotten. Price includes Vosges Haut-Chocolat goodie bag (valued at $40).

Maybe it's disturbing because, slippery slopes being the way they are, we'll eventually find our way to "Crack Yoga," "Nitrous Pranayama," "Olestra Kriya Yoga," "Restorative Seconal Yoga," "PCP Vinaysa Flow With Knives," and so on. Talk about the ultimate sensory experience.

Although... wait......isn't yoga supposed to be about controlling the sense-organs (Pratyahara)?


Why was the scene depicting the show's handsome moral center Lemmy being blown up by a grenade but living just long enough to see his toothy fellow Strike Team "family" member Shane scream an apology almost less disturbing than the sub-plot in which a master manipulator gives Dutch a lesson in "Pimpology 101," showing how he keeps his white MBA lady doing his bidding (including letting him mount her in the pokey); basically he says you give the woman a lot of love and attention and then take it away so that she craves it and will do anything to get it back -- sense-organs again. Dutch uses this advice to get the pretty rookie girl with the nice lingerie to start towing the line. Why so disturbing?

Maybe because one's own self has been played like an MBA / rookie woman?



  1. Damn that F---ing Cletus Van Damm!
    (Shane's aka cover name)

    I'd like to use his buck teeth to till my vegetable garden.

    The pimp lesson was good though.

  2. darsan2:00 AM

    I too wanted to wag my finger at that Vosges crackpot. But which Vosges gaffe takes the Nobel [Disturbing the] Peace Prize -- the Yoga+Chocolate spa trip or the Vincent Gallo chocolate that Vosges came out with a few years ago:

    "a guided tasting of Vincent Gallo version chocolat
    1. Close your eyes.
    2. Take three deep, deep breaths.
    3. Start from the top. Bite into the crowning tip of the chocolate. Hold the chocolate on your tongue and press it to the top of your mouth. Feel it melt bittersweetly around your tongue. Begin to eat and you will sense a touch of Taleggio and a nuance for vanilla. Flirt with your newfound acquaintance.
    4. Intrigue follows with the 2nd bite, it brings you deeper into the parfums, a heavy and rich texture dotted with toasted walnuts, the aroma steeped with a thousand complexities, yet there is harmony. As the salt hits the palatte it meets the sweetness of chocolate, one constantly begging for the other to be complete.
    5. The 3rd bite is met with clarity. The profusion of flavors wrapped and intertwined come together to make sense. You are submerged deeply in a a moment of 'now.' With this last bite, all you crave is just one more."

  3. I'm confused about that? I don't know yoga, but I know art, and I think they are both about acheiving something with your mind and body, I do like a nice square of dark choclate if I really need to make a masterpiece. Or too think and work at the same time. If it's about relaxing? Forget it. I do hate the the idea of Spa mixed with chocolate though, maybe I don't. Interesting. hmmmm. I do love Oaxaca.. who are these people who get to live these choclate eating, spa retreating, money making, oaxaca visiting lives anyway, maybe we should do more choclate with yoga chasers.
    I've changed my mind, who ever wants to eat choclate wherever and whenever, go for it.

  4. I did some checking, and this is indeed the only blog (of the 25 million + blogs) that talked about yoga, chocolate, and pimpology all in one posting. Love it!

  5. The mind of the sistah is an active one!