Monday, March 06, 2006



noun. A reader who infests the comment section of a weblog, disagreeing with everything posted in the most obnoxious manner possible. Sample usage: "Her brother is such a blogroach."

(coined by Stacy Tabb)



Blagojevich ("Bluh-GOY-a-vich")

proper noun. An Illinois governor and former Golden Gloves boxer with a good head of hair who invests in the future by implementing a state-subsidized health insurance plan that covers every child in the state.* In 2004 Blago issued a controversial executive order requiring all Illinois pharmacists to dispense emergency birth control medication even if they object on moral or religious grounds (the last provided fodder for a recent Daily Show segment, which ended with the all-too-relevant tag, "The question remains: Who will control the woman's body - her governor or her pharmacist?" See a blurry copy of the video here or search the Daily Show website).


*Apparently adults under 65 can still go f--k themselves when it comes to health insurance.

**In related news, Wal-Mart announced a few days ago that its pharmacies will start carrying the morning after pill. Not that they'll actually dispense it in a timely manner when time is of the utmost essence;*** the company also said that individual pharmacists who are "uncomfortable" filling the 'scrip can send customers to another pharmacy -- where they may very well receive the same treatment. Of course you never hear about pharmacists declining to hand out Viagra -- or insurance companies unwilling to cover it. Wonder why that is....

***Spread the word: Women who find themselves in this situation can take two to five regular birth control pills and achieve the same results.****

****All this does is inhibit or delay ovulation to prevent pregnancy. It does not kill the fetus because there is no fetus to kill.


  1. Dr. Dreyfuss' media consultant2:34 PM

    Blogroach ~~ LOFL.

    How about all of those idiot pharma's at Walgreens that think they are doing god's work by not filling those morning after scripts?

    The Trib had a story about one of those guys that was fired.
    A typical overfed fatassed whiner.

    And since we are on the subject of breaking the law, did you know that illegal aliens are going to drain the social security trust fund?
    The US built a big social security office in Mexico in 2004

    So, as a normal, everyday tax-paying, law abiding citizen, you will get it stuck up your ass anyway!

  2. Mr. healthcare3:51 PM

    They only help the wealthy
    By Jim McDermott

    WASHINGTON — America’s health-care system, already on life support after a decade of Republican neglect, faces cardiac arrest if a new prescription by the president is administered to America’s middle class.

    President Bush and Republicans say they have found the cure to America’s health-care crisis, and it’s called a Health Savings Account, or HSA. A fundamental premise of this social re-engineering is that Americans would shop for health-care bargains, as if they were shopping for pans.

    In many newspapers, Wednesday is grocery coupon day. Under the president’s plan, Thursday might become medical coupon day.

    HSA follows the same tortured logic as the president’s proposals to privatize Social Security, Medicare and pension programs. Simply, HSA is another attempt to cut the social safety net underneath the American middle class and use it as gift wrap for another tax holiday for the wealthy. HSA really should be called GIA — Go It Alone.

    Republicans say their plan will allow people to set money aside tax-free to use for their health-care expenses, if they purchase high-deductible insurance policies. It sounds too good to be true — and it is.

    Here’s what they don’t say. Of the 46 million Americans without any health insurance, many don’t earn enough to derive much benefit from a tax-free plan. As for America’s middle class, HSAs are a false promise. Who but the wealthiest could afford to save enough money to pay the expenses resulting from a serious medical illness or injury before a high-deductible policy even kicked in?

    Would saving fifty bucks a month protect you financially from the cost of your deductible for a heart transplant, hip replacement or even a broken arm?

    Do you forgo car insurance and set aside a hundred bucks a month in case you’re in an accident? The idea is so far-fetched that it’s illegal throughout the United States.

    A bedrock principle of this nation is to pool our resources and share the risk, because it benefits us all. That’s why we collectively support police and fire departments, national defense and a host of other essential services. The alternative would turn back the clock to the early 20th century, when people were wiped out by one moment of misfortune.

    Is HSA any different? No. HSAs would accelerate a trend that has seen the percentage of employers offering health insurance drop 15 percent during the Bush administration.

    An HSA would be an incentive for employers to transfer more of the burden to the individual. The outcome is inevitable, even for forward-thinking, employee-focused, responsible corporate citizens. How long can they last when the competition abandons providing health insurance?

    More than 160 million Americans rely on their employer for health insurance today. How many workers will have employer-sponsored health insurance five years from now if the president gets his way?

    The answer can be seen by looking at what Republican policies have done for defined benefit pensions. By the millions, workers are being forced to go it alone — promises broken, contracts broken, lives broken — as more companies cancel or deny pension programs. That’s the model for the HSA.

    In the end, HSAs are about reward, not health care. They are a great tax shelter for the rich and will produce higher profits for the health-care industry. For the rest of us, HSAs are lost revenue for the government and missed opportunity for the nation.

    America’s health-care crisis isn’t going to be solved until we create a national program, covering everyone, and sharing the risks as one nation.

    Everyone knows what can happen when you take the wrong medicine. Health Savings Accounts are the wrong prescription for America’s health-care crisis. At best they will be ineffective. More than likely, they will make matters dangerously worse.

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Rumsfeld rejects reports of Iraq civil war>
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Tuesday rejected suggestions Iraq is engulfed in a civil war and claimed media reports have exaggerated the violence since an attack on a a revered Shiite mosque.

    But yet>
    BAGHDAD — The top U.S. envoy to Iraq said Monday that the 2003 toppling of Saddam Hussein's regime had opened a "Pandora's box" of volatile ethnic and sectarian tensions that could engulf the region in all-out war if America pulled out of the country too soon.

    In remarks that were among the frankest and bleakest public assessments of the Iraq situation by a high-level American official, U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said the "potential is there" for sectarian violence to become full-blown civil war.,0,3620947.story?track=tothtml