Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I'm still sick, although that doesn't mean I didn't teach three classes or work hard on deadlines yesterday. Nothing like talking for a few hours to make the sore throat moreso. But it is allergies? Or something else? Here's hoping whatever it is doesn't evolve into an ear infection -- something I used to get all the time before I started doing yoga.

Coming up on TV:

Studs Terkel guests on The Daily Show tonight.

I missed it but last night the Hex caught Jeremy Piven's Journey of a Lifetime on the Travel Channel, in which the Evanston native travels to South India. Apparently that's his real hair. Well, at least it stayed put. In India. Apparently the "club monkey" is also into The Yoga. Apparently the show's not that good, although he did go on a backwaters tour in Kerala and saw a Kathakali performance. One can't help but wonder how often Piven lapsed into Ari Gold behavior when things went wrong as they so often do in India . Perhaps not much, since it was first class all the way (he finished the trip with yoga in one of the world's fanciest spas, the Ananda Spa in the Himalayas). The South India trek repeats repeats Thursday at 7PM and 10PM and Saturday at 5PM central time. The final installment, Part II, North India airs next Monday and 8PM and 11PM. Central.


  1. I want to see this just to find out if anyone there knows who Jeremy Piven is or why a film crew is following him. Does he reach out to one of the Yogis in a full grab and utter his trademark phrase "Let's hug it out, bitch"? Maybe if he had Cusack next to him people might know who he is.

  2. reena5:58 PM

    Hey - just checking out your blog and see thst you're going to be in Mysore during July.... is that so? If so, I am going to be tjhere too for 6 weeks! Did you by any chance find out if the family are going to be in Mysore during July in NYC at the tour? It all seems up in the air! Anwyay, if you are in Mysore, will be nice to meet you. m email is ra285@cam.ac.uk

  3. I have met J. Piven.
    He has the same shitty beard as I.

    He is no DREYFUSS, I can tell you that.

    So his dad ran a "high brow" theater where he supposedly earned his chops.

    He really isn't bad, but a DREYFUSS he is NOT!!

    And just who is this Tommy fellow, or fe-fellow?