Friday, April 14, 2006


I've been so debilitated by the illness I caught in NYC that I haven't practiced yoga in ages. Yes, I've taught classes and made stabs at deadlines, but after that I had nothing left. I finally started feeling semi-normal on Wednesday -- after asking all those incoherent questions (and even stupider followups) during my inteviews in Michigan. Oh, well.

So today I had my first practice in 15 days; my last was with Guruji-Sharath-Saraswati, in NYC. I stopped after Janu Sirsasana A and then did backbends, shoulderstand and sitting. During savasana I felt a new, very deep pain in my lower right spine. Funny, during my time off people would ask about my recent, much publicized wrist problem or back problem and I'd look at them with surprise and say, "What problem?"

Nonetheless I felt so good afterwords that I rode my bike to teach -- in spite of the fact that today is a 10.2 on the Allergen Richter Scale. Maybe I should stay off the bike and stop hanging my clothes on the line outside until the tree pollen goes away. Or I leave for India. Whichever comes first.

But then I'd just get phatter. It's been unseasonably warm, which means that every woman in Chicago has donned last year's clingy t-shirts and pedal pushers. Ouch. Let's just say that Gordita Cacananda is not the only one who's put on extra weight of late.

Either that or the entire city is five months pregnant.

God help us in Mari D....

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