Saturday, April 08, 2006


On the way to Midtown Loft; it seems each ribbon symbolizes not one but two soldiers killed in Iraq.

Midotwn loft; the workshop was on the fourth floor; one W.C. for the women, one for the men (and women).

Checking out Saturn in Park Slope. The guy behind me, taking a drink of "coffee," is the sabelotodo (know-it-all) who acted as if the telescopes were his.

The line to get into NYC's first Trader Joe's. Suckers.

The all-white bicycle represents a cyclist killed by a motorist; apparently they're all over the city. In the background is the venerable Puck Building, where Guruji's workshop is usually held.

My olde veg-friendly haunte in Chelsea, where one may dine alone and not feel foolish. The horchata is good but not great.

Rock 'n' roll, man.

NY Dolls at CBGB; the small red figure on the left is David Johansen, who seemed miffed by the lack of applause, complaining that "this isn't a golf match."

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  1. We have Trader Joe's out here in the sticks now. And zero lines too!!!
    The wild tuna steaks are out of this world.

    Those NYC now it all sophisticates.


    Burritoville?? Sounds like a pepto-bismal kinda place.