Tuesday, April 11, 2006


After a gruelling day of interviews and checking out bike trails -- where we saw a fold of Scottish Highland Cattle, a steel dinosaur and a carved stump that looked exactly like the scary talking trees in H.R. Pufenstuf -- we're at The Fancy Inn. It's in tony Union Pier, which seems to be the Easthampton of Harbor Country. It's on the lake (vs. across the street from it) and there are French doors and a porch and we can hear the waves hit the shore (it's quite windy and dusty here). The place is clean, decorated and highfaloutin' in a white uptight way that the other one was not (for example, the man at the desk told us that we can't damage anything. Which of course planted the idea. Also, you can only use one of the inn's bicycles when the front desk is open, 9am-7pm. Like they don't have your credit card number if you walk off with it). Hamptons of the Midwest....

Anyway. It's jacuzzi time.


  1. Water Buffalo? Are you in Vietnam?

  2. Ping the time stamp