Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The temperature was in the 30's. The wind was blowing so strongly that the windows rattled. The rain had turned to hail and was making a tap-tapping sound against the glass.

It was late April.

There was no heat in the comfortably cluttered Wrigleyville apartment. Nonetheless Caca put on a stocking cap and an extra hoodie and did a long yoga self-practice -- during which she was literally able to watch her breath.

But afterwords she had to work all day on a deadline.

What to do, what to do, she wondered as she sipped a steaming cup of nondairy homemade chai.

Rifling through her old-fashioned Rolodex, she chose a dog-eared card, picked up the phone and placed a call.

After listening to the automated voice for a few seconds, she pressed a number.

The other party picked up immediately.

"Sulzer library reference desk. How may I help you?"

"Do you have wireless internet?" Caca asked.

"Yes, we do."

"Um.....Is it working?"

"Yes. It is."

"Oh good!... And what about the heat. Do you have heat?"

The woman on the other end of the line laughed ruefully.

"No. We don't, in fact."

"No heat? That must be awful!" said Caca.

"It's 60 in here!" said the woman.

"Well, I guess I'll stay home and work then, since it's just the same....

"Try to stay warm."

"Thank you."


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