Thursday, May 25, 2006


Remember when they first put phones on airplanes and people would call their loved ones and say, "Guess where I am?! I'm calling FROM THE PLANE!" Well I am over Bucharest at this very moment and paying top dollar for the hour. What is meant to be satellite-enabled broadband is in effect slower than dialup and far more expensive than AOL in the early years. But here I am on the aeroplane hunched up typing on my very own laptop (the seat in front of me is tilted into my knees) and listening to Tamil pop music and waiting for my Special Meal....

Which reminds me. You know how sometimes someone will come down with cancer and some know-it-all will intone, as if they'd brought it upon themselves, "Well, they have the cancer personality after all." I'm no fan of that blaming the victim BS but others believe in it wholeheartedly and far more still believe you can conjure up events and whatnot with your thoughts. Which brings me to the botched Chicago-Montreal-Toronto-Toronto-Frankfurt leg of my journey.... Did I bring it on myself via all of my PMS-fueled* anxiety and fretting? Or did I have a premonition?

I'd like to think it's the latter. In fact my sixth sense tells me this is so.


*Too much info alert...........My holiday became a literal one when Aunt Rose came to visit at O'Hare. Fortunately this trip is so long I should no longer be polluted and incapable of defilement when it's time to practice at the shala.


-All of the food trucks at the Toronto airport say "CARA."

-Buying Earth Sandals and wearing them with SmartWool for the journey was a brilliant move. My back hurts not at all. Yet.. My neck, on the other hand -- ......

-Number of people who've cut in front of me since leaving Canada: At least 30.

-Air hostesses must like it best right after they've served the meal and we cannot move, held hostage by our tray tables. No wonder it takes them so long to remove the things.

-Possibly another Mysore-goer on board; wan, white late 30's woman with stringy hair and glasses -- only she's in Business Class.

-On Air Canada to Germany the language priority is: English. German. French. No wonder the Quebecois are so angry. But their airport has WiFi, while Toronto's does not.

-From today's Hindu newspaper: All patients at government hospitals in Imphal were forcibly discharged as part of an intensified "cease work" agitation by gov. employees demanding "higher dearness allowances and other service facilities....Doctors and paramedics stopped treating patients in emergency wards."

-So far no one has looked twice at my (heavy) carry-on baggage. Perhaps I could have brought deodorant after all.

-Many pregnant Muslim and Hindu women with children, unaccompanied by husbands, brothers or fathers, are traveling this week. And the World Cup hasn't even started yet.

-I've had wine with the last three meals and could easily become quite the boozer.... When in Germany one should always order the white, as the red is acidic to the point of carbonation.

-From Frankfurt to Bangalore they show one bad American movie (Cheaper By the Dozen II) and one bad Bollywood movie.

-Why am I inevitably seated in the baby and family section? The infection section.

-Vat ist und Purser? She has the watch with two dials and walks with authority.

-I can't help it: hearing "Duty Free" makes me laugh. As does "Casual Friday."


  1. Caution, Lost spoiler alert...
    Twas a good 2 hour season ender.

    `Lost' pushes fans' buttons in intense season finale

    OK, so the button is important.

    Wednesday night's intense but ultimately exasperating season finale of ABC's "Lost" returned former button-pusher Desmond to the island, where he revealed that, oh yes, there was this one time when he failed to press the button in the hatch, and that time just happened to be Sept. 22, the day Oceanic Air flight 815 crashed.

    "I think," Desmond told Locke, "I crashed your plane."

    But still, Locke refused to press the button. So Desmond, trying to save the world, grabbed his copy of Charles Dickens' "Our Mutual Friend" (clue alert!), pulled out a failsafe key and blew up the hatch, possibly killing Locke and Eko and alerting people outside to the island's existence. Will help come to the island in Season 3?

    Meanwhile, The Others attacked Jack, Sawyer, Hurley and Kate, who had been trekking through the forest with Michael. The Others--surprisingly led by former hatch hostage Henry--reunited Michael with Walt, giving them a boat and directions. They also let Hurley go, but no such luck for the love triangle of Sawyer, Kate and Jack, hoods thrown over their heads in the final moments.

    Other revelations and backstories:

    Desmond didn't meet only Jack in his pre-island life. After getting kicked out of the British army and driven from his one true love, Desmond sailed around the world in a boat given to him by a stranger named--wait for it--Libby. Yes, the same Libby who Michael shot a few episodes back.

    Desmond never made it around the world. He washed ashore on The Island and a man in a yellow bio-hazard suit dragged him into the hatch. The man? Calvin, the CIA agent who tried to persuade Sayid to torture one of his own during Desert Storm. Explain that, message boards!


    4 sure check the link

  2. Drefuss' OB/GYN3:34 PM

    So Aunt Flo snuck up on you, huh? Are the shalas in Mysore not accepting of women and their cycles? No wonder you were so eager to go there.