Saturday, May 13, 2006


1. The workshop today kicked arse. I had an usually slow and mindful practice this morning, with excellent breathing -- until I got to the few Intermediate twists and backbends I do. Many students were stopped in poses (particularly backbends, including Ustrasana) and told to get a strap and a block. Apparently it's not a crime to do ashtanga *and* use props (hard-liners don't allow it).* The real crime, according to Chuck and Maty, is practicing improperly and "working through" pain. "We do yoga to reduce suffering, not increase it." The afternoon backbending segment was exquisite and afterwords instead of feeling sore/agitated/aggressive I felt calm. Even during the backbending I felt calm. So how can I get a yoga block to India?

2. What is the string that some yoga workshoppers wear tied around the waist? From what I can tell, they're not Brahmin. Danis? Franciscans? Kabbalahists? They are all quite thin though.

3. How amusing to see yogis wearing shirts that say "Satya."

4. It's apparent that the city's new Lululemon shop already has a loyal following. At least five women sported the pants with the two-tone waistband. At least it's not the yoga prom. Or the Academy Awards.


*The first time The Hex visited Eddie Stern's old shala on Broadway he looked around and asked, rather loudly, where they kept the blocks and straps.


  1. So how can I get a yoga block to India?

    Buy 'em at a porn shop in India.

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    this hex guy sounds fantastic