Tuesday, May 16, 2006


India Departure date: 23 May

So far one has:

Arranged for substitute teachers.

Arranged for forwarded mail.

Arranged for bill payment.

Arranged for cat-care

Arranged for car-watching

Arranged to put on hold:

The New Yorker
The New York Times
The Chicago Sun-Times
The Chicago Tribune
The Cable TV, Phone and Internet

But not the cell phone.


Because Cingular no longer does vacation holds. One must pay $39.99/month plus taxes and whatnot (i.e.; $50 x 2) to retain one's telephone number.

One has spent over an hour on the landline trying to get around this.

One has been with Cingular for a decade -- since it was Cellular One.

One is poised to defect.

Or to lose one's number altogether and say (all together now) to the hell with the cell.


  1. Since I am leaving the day before, I identify whole-heartedly with this post! To it I would add, *pay the light and cable bill *figure out how to pay these bills online * transfer money into ATM account *pay rent for two money in advance and write to landlord *arrange to board pet *copy passport and visa *print out travel itinerary *Make sure elderly uncle is all set up *finish a list of business stuff.... oh yeah... and continue my practice at some point...

  2. As we talked about, talk to a supervisor at Cingular, and if that doesn't work tell them take their service and stick it up their ass.
    Talk about a company that is out of touch.

    I have emailed pre-pay plans to you, they work well for many people who don't have a cell phone on their ear 3 hours a day. Like me.

  3. Don't forget to say goodbye to your friends. Have a great trip, I'll look forward to checking in on "Mysore" blog.