Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Is there any stranger gap than the one between noticing a strange vibrating sensation through the haunches while sitting on a student's arse and pulling their shoulders back in bhekasana and the slow realization that it's not their stomach that's growling but, rather, a very intimate gift in the form of a full-blown fart?

Of course it's payback for one's own accidental, humiliating and very loud loss of control just inches below poor David Life's face during a danurasana adjustment at Jivamukti's long-ago workshop in Chicago.

No, Mr. Life did not return for seconds.

Nor did Caca.


  1. Could it be all that RAW food?

  2. Another reason not to do yoga, or exercise in general>

  3. Please find the correct yoga 'fart type' from the list on my link.
    I was wondering if I need to add a special yoga fart to my list if the sound is not there?