Wednesday, May 03, 2006


From How to Conquer Clutter (purchased at a yard sale for 25-cents and immediately disinfected):

"Get rid of anything that doesn't fit, is the wrong color, is stupid and / or is out of date."

From Trinny and Susannah's What You Wear Can Change Your Life:

"When your hair gets too long and the ends become split-ridden you get it cut. If your appendix explodes you have it surgically removed. Well, the same has to be done with your clothes...

"Culling is relevant to every stage of a woman's life, and particularly for women going through menopause, who may hold on to clothing from the time they felt their most feminine and sexy. Get these clothes out of your wardrobe; the will only depress you. And then you can get something new to replace them."

Yes, but with what money?


For the record, both tomes recommend recruiting a critical, sharp-tongued friend to help with the task.


  1. Yikes, what a mess!

    You are prolly doing psychological damage to the cat.

  2. Which picture shows the look on Kirby's little cat face when he saw that mess, and thought he was next to go?

  3. reena3:32 PM

    Hey - great that you're going to mysore! I am going at the start of Juky for a month so will hopefully see you there. do keep in touch!