Sunday, January 04, 2009


I have managed to sell a bike and procure some boxes and research movers and enlist the future aid of friends/family. I've also quit drinking green tea.

But not much else has been done on the moving front.

It is so daunting I've actually felt physically ill. Moving 30 blocks, and coming to terms with a lifetime of stuff, can be a bit paralyzing. Plus there has been no sun.

(More likely I caught something from students who come to class sick despite entreaties to the contrary).*

Last time I moved (in 1994) it was just five blocks, from a studio apartment to a one bedroom.

I had been at that address for seven years. Fortunately, I was dating a purger at the time and he helped me decide what to throw out.

This time, it's Mrs. Dreyfus who will get me into gear.

In the meantime I'm trying to plow through deadlines and mentally prepare for the inevitable.

Osho's reminder today is also a help:

The journey of one thousand miles is done by the simple step, one step. You cannot take two steps at one time. Step after step, just a single step can be stretched to ten thousand miles or to infinity.


*The way I understand it, when you fall ill you are contagious three days before symptoms occur, and three days after. If the latter is the case, please practice ahimsa (non-harming) and consider practicing at home rather than coming to class and "sweating it out" and infecting the other students (and teacher) in the process. Generally speaking, if you can't breathe through the nose, it's probably best to stay home.


  1. nice hood you will be in. a moments walk to a dosa. but i would buy a skoot. no parking on devon, that's for sure. good luck with the move. it sounds daunting but in the end, change is always a good thing.

  2. i wish i could live in a place called "little india"!! moving is always a very stressful time..take it easy on yourself~~ i know it's hard...
    why no green tea??

  3. Thank you for your kind comments.

    Yes, Little India! Tender coconuts! Indian food! The highest concentration of vegetarian restaurants in the city! No parking!

    I quit green tea because I am going on a purification retreat with Chandra Om in the middle of the month (hence the panic about the move) and we will be drinking juice-only for most of the time. No outside food or drink. Time to get the monkey off my back, and it's easy to drop bad habits when you're sick to your stomach (that's how I quit smoking, sfter getting the wisdom teeth pulled in 1984).

  4. PS

    I like the idea of the scooter.

  5. I hope you feel better and hope the new place is wonderful.
    Have fun on the retreat with Chandra. Her studio is closer to me than NYC so I am debatng on traveling there for a Maha Sadhana.
    I hope to do that sometime in 2009.

  6. i love reading your blog and can't help but be jealous when i hear you will be walking distance from indian and vegetarian restaurants. i live out in the country and have to make do with 'indian' food i make at home - LOL
    have fun and good luck staying off green tea. i am trying to quit coffee which is started when i ran out of my favorite chai tea.

  7. What is the opposite of a tender coconut, and who would buy such an item?


  8. The opposite of a tender coconut (which is green and has water in it) is the brown hairy type they had on Gilligan's island, with hard "meat" inside. I'll show you, when you help me move!