Friday, January 16, 2009


It seemed like I'd gotten rid of so much stuff.

The early-1990s Fat City cycle is being restored by its new owner.

The mother's 1940s Schwinn Cadillac with the skip-chain found a home with a woman who makes new Schwinns in Wisconsin.

The yellow 1970s Schwinn Collegiate went to Play it Again Sports, in trade for a tuneup on the current ride.

The record collection is going to the college radio station.

The 47 books sold last week fetched $132.

Plus there were van- and car-loads of stuff brought to the thrift store (where they are getting to know me. As in, "Are you into film?").

Yet when the sister-in-law came to help pack yesterday (kindly taking the train in on the worst sub-zero day of the year)*, it became clear that I still have way. too. much. stuff.

It is horrifying.

The shedding must continue, after the move.

* * *

*It was so cold last night - 30 below zero? 40? - that the car's temperature needle would not move from below "C" until we'd sat there shivering for 20 minutes. When it finally moved past "C" we could turn on the heat and start scraping the inside of the windshield. But as soon as we scraped, the ice would reappear - and we wondered why we live here.

Photo snapped during a recent snowstorm at the Sheridan/Irving Park bus stop.


  1. You are doing very well.
    I will and have to go on, too. It's such a relief once that stuff is gone.

    Happy decluttering
    Tomorrow I have help


  2. six months ago we moved from a five bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment. we got rid of tons of stuff but still have at least half of what we own in storage. and i don't miss ANY of it. best luck to you with your move!

  3. Did the Holiday Club move? I don't remember it being on Irving and Sheridan. Ah those were the days, better in retrospect I guess. I miss the snow too.

    In one of her last interviews Katherine Hepburn said something that has stuck with me.
    She said, "When you get older you miss the things that drove you crazy when you were young."

    I may not be "old" but I sure know what she means.

    I hope all this moving business begins to take shape and you can enjoy this strange time. The feeling of new-ness is quite fun if one feels safe. And only lasts a little while.


  4. This is the *new* Holiday Club. I'm not sure if the old one is still on Milwaukee, but they were both around for at least awhile.