Thursday, January 29, 2009


The impending move has of course required getting rid of a lot of stuff.

I wanted these things to to go good homes, since they have served me well.

Many items were donated to the thrift store. I sold some books, clothing, record albums and CDs. A few things were given to friends and family.

But some items were not wanted by the people I know, and too big to bring to the thrift store.

Instead of leaving these things in the alley, I decided to post them on craigslist at low, low prices. I wanted to see if people would pay to take away my things. I also figured they'd treat them better if they had to pay for them - even if the fee was nominal. Plus, starting a freecycle account was far too complicated.

It worked.

Everything that was posted was sold.

Even the giant four-door brown metal file cabinet that weighs a thousand pounds.

Even the sofa-sleeper, with its two broken slats.

That, in fact, sold within the hour, and was picked up a short time later.

Plus the woman who bought it even knew how to repair it.

The key seems to be as honest as possible in the listing, to post pictures, use words like "fabulous" and "vintage" (which all of my items were) - and to lowball the price. (You must also remember to remove the post as soon as the item is sold).

It was win-win, all around. The people who bought things were kind and honest and decent, plus they showed up on time. It made one feel happy to be part of humanity.

Now, if I could only figure out to do with two-thirds of my rock collection......



The mother's beloved Schwinn Cadillac from the 1940s with the skip-chain was gifted to a women who works at a small Schwinn manufacturing plant in Wisco - whose eyes lit up when she heard it was hers. I suspect that the mother was just as delighted when she first saw it, too.

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