Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today is the Indian Independence Day Parade on Devon Avenue, just one block from the apartment. The photo above shows what it looked like this morning, as I ran about doing errands for a pre-parade party that no one is coming to attend (most didn't bother to RSVP, either...*

....which is too bad, as they will be missing Syrian pizza from the Iraqi bakery, fresh khaman dhokla from Kamdar Plaza, "bobko" (kosher pecan coffee cake) from Levinson's Bakery, and home-made, dairy-free iced chai).

Last night I was too busy catching up with JC72 over vegetarian cous cous at Hashalom to see the silent movie Piccadilly at the ongoing Silent Summer Film Festival. But I'm definitely going next week, to see Douglas Fairbanks - the most handsome and charismatic American actor ever - in Thief of Baghdad.

I definitely won't be attending this weekend's Air and War Show.

Nor will Bindi and I attend today's South Asian Festival in Rosemont, where Hindi movie superstar Shahrukh Khan is slated to appear. I'm kind of glad, since the car STILL does not have AC.

I will however make every effort to see the whirling dervishes at this weekend's free Turkish Festival at Navy Pier. They will perform their Sufi devotional dance tonight from 8:30-10pm.


*I'm not too upset about the lack of enthusiasm for the pre-parade party, since:

1. A harmonium came into my possession at today's big sale at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Nothing makes a heart sing like figuring out the first bar of "Jai Ganesha."

2. The food will be transported to HH Snow's party this evening, where it will be heartily received.

3. I'm used to doing everything. alone. anyway.

4. The sign is back. Just in time for the parade.

5. And there are whirling dervishes in my future.


  1. As someone who does everything alone, I hear you! I would have been there if I didn't have to teach. See you tomorrow!

  2. i'm sure you already heard, but srk was detained this morning cause he was a suspected terrorist. "khan" had something to do with it. apparently he was on his way to a parade in chicago....i wonder if he showed up

  3. One of the last things the parade announcer said was how important it is to give back to the community, and launched into a brief diatribe against Bollywood celebrities who did not want to come to parade - in particular Shahrukh khan. He said that SRK was detained at the airport last night *because* he wasn't coming to the parade (ie, if he'd been planning to do selfless service, it wouldn't have happened).

  4. I miss the Silent Summer Film Festival in Chicago! There's one here, but in January, and it's only for a weekend. It's not the same, especially since you're not here to go with me.