Thursday, August 27, 2009


Someone returned the sign to the pothole!

Dirty and crumped, it's a bit worse for the wear; perhaps it had been stuffed into the hole itself.

There are other changes as well....

....Like an oil slick around the hole, as well as some spray-painted writing.

(Does anyone know what "DIE TEST" means? Or "BAB CLR"?)

Dorian Black thinks the new lines and words mean that it's not just a pothole anymore - it's a sink-hole. In other words, there's a much bigger hole below the pavement.

He also thinks they're going to have to shut down the whole street to fix it.

If they fix it.

* * *


The Chicago Reader has been sold to a New York-based hedge fund by by its bankrupt parent company, Creative Loafing, Inc. (which purchased the paper a couple of years ago and promptly drove it into the ground. Even the website sucks now). Read more here.


  1. I think Dorian Black may be correct, you now have a sink hole, and I wonder how many city workers it will take to fix that hole, and how many days as well? When they get around to it, that is.

    As for the hedge fund buying the Reader, I hear Sam Zell has some time on his hands, so perhaps he can give them some pointers on how to run a media company into it's own sinkhole?

  2. I think the pothole deserves a blog of its own.