Thursday, August 13, 2009


The sign has disappeared.

Whoever did it had to work hard to remove all of the tape attaching it to its stick, which is still there.

Or perhaps the pothole simply stopped supporting the Olympics. Maybe it couldn't handle the fame.

Of course it is still there.

This has not caused the residents to stop contributing to the installation, which seems to be expanding.

They've also been trying to fill the hole, using whatever materials are on hand (so far I've not seen any children in there).

And *someone* has taped a copy of the Tribune photo to the pylon, in memory of the wonderful sign.


  1. You are an "agitator"! Any town-hall meetings in the area?

  2. Maybe the Daleytown Gestapo took the sign for finger print analysis, so they can come and get you guys who are the agitators?