Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today I went to give blood at Lifesource.

Beforehand, I did everything I could to ensure that I would be able to donate.

I broke my Monday watermelon fast early in order to eat some protein (rice and high-iron beans, cooked on an iron skillet), so that I'd be strong and healthy.

I slept in today, and did a light practice.

I eschewed my daily mini-cup of chai, because caffeine makes my iron levels plummet.

I had Dharma's Breakfast Blend, a high-fat and high-protein raw smoothie, before teaching class.

I ate again before giving blood.

Yet I failed the test anyway.

Not the iron test.

But the blood pressure test.

Apparently mine's so low it's dangerous for me to give blood.

No wonder I nearly fainted after giving last time.

No wonder I'm always tired.

No wonder I nearly froze to death in the old apartment.

The ladies at LifeSource told me how to increase my blood pressure: Eat salt.

Caffeine also helps.

So.....Apparently when I eat corn chips and drink chai it's not due to a lack of self-control.

Rather, I'm self-medicating.

I also learned that wearing compression stockings is supposed to help.

Using cayenne pepper should also help. And drinking lots of water.

And beet juice.

Now that I can do.

Click here for a list of home remedies.


  1. wow. I have really low blood pressure too. I guess my salt cravings may be my body talking more than my need to incarnate back into my body.

  2. corn chips and chai! cannot get better than this as for medication :)

  3. Yay corn chips! I never even tried to give blood cause I've never been close to the required weight. Too puny! Course that is only because I'm so short.

  4. Short in stature only!

  5. Ah yes.... I need to talk to you soon / at some point. I'm a gonna call you. Too long for an email.

    Police officers will be involved!