Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is what a (happily married) student said yesterday. She was blissed out from the practice, of course. She always is. We all always are.

Her equally happily-paired-off fellow students agreed that they, too, wanted to marry yoga.

I feel like I'm already married to it, having inadvertently forsaken all others (and having been told, perhaps more than once, "You love yoga more than you love me").

Well, why not?

Yoga is permanent.

Yoga is all-forgiving.

Yoga is unconditional love.

Yoga is knowing the real Self - which Dharma says is the best friend, the best lover you'll ever have.

It is hard to remember this when, say, you get conked on the head and you live alone and are gushing blood and no one's there to help you.

But it's true nonetheless.

Because somehow, in the end, yoga takes care of you.

Jai yoga!

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  1. Hmmm... you married yoga too? darn, and I thought I had done that... oh well, will have to share :-)

    I soooo get what you are saying