Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The long silence was due to a long, stealthy weekend in NYC - where I practiced with Sri Dharma Mittra of course.

(It was stealthy in the sense that I did not tell anyone I was coming, as it was all about the yoga, period; plus I spent most of my free time with Catesey in (ahem) Billyburg and Little E in far-away Long Island. No offense meant!).

Yesterday in class, Dharma said that the way to develop strong willpower is to do the things we find unpleasant. I thought he was talking to me, of course.

So today, I did very little procrastinating.

And it felt darn good.

(The body, however, was a bit - just a bit - sore from the intense poses and long [to me] holds in yesterday's two-hour Master Class).

More details (and photos) are coming - soon!


  1. I love the sandwich board . How awesome . I got to get there!

  2. Glad you got to enjoy Dharma! I look forward to reading/ learning more about what you got from the trip!

  3. That WAS stealthy!