Thursday, August 12, 2010


The war jets for this weekend's Air & Wa(te)r Show are flying overhead today (which means that the cat is hiding in the closet). The annual show of military might is not my cup of chai.

But Sunday is Indian Independence Day. The main event is Sunday's 11:30am parade on Devon Avenue.

Last year's was a lot of (solo) fun.

In celebration, Big Cinemas is screening recent Bollywood hits all week - for free (including Three Idiots and Rang De Basanti).

Learn more here.


Photo of the Zam's Hope float by CK (c) 2009.


  1. makes my yearn for my India....Loved this post!

  2. Thank you, Tracy. I miss it, too.

    I'm almost finished with the Guruji book and miss Mysore so much. The last time I was there was in 2008 - making this the longest I've been away since 2002. How I wish to go back... but I know that it's changed, and can't. Very sad.

    (Although I have been entertaining thoughts of going for a week, just to visit old friends and see doctors, while on my way elsewhere).

  3. Please come! We will travel to get to you if you do!

    And Happy Independence Day India!

    ps How do you get the video to stay behind the blog titles? Mine always goes over it.

  4. Well, QE, I have a flight reservation that has me arriving in Bangalore in early December, leaving in early January.....

    I bet you don't miss Bangalore!

  5. My Guruji book is on its way! I really have to finish the Subtle Body Encyclopedia first. It's hard reading, but I'd been at it for a month before it was interrupted by MY final trip to Mysore.

    I've fully decided against going away January. Rishikesh in mid March is still possible...

  6. i read that on the big cinemas site-free? really? i already saw 3 idiots, but i really want to see Dasavatharam with kamal hassan, but thats tonight. i have to investigate peepli live-it's obviously not bollywood. wonder where it's from.
    thanks for the heads up on the parade. remember when obama was out there & sanjay dutt & madhuri dixit? i wonder if they have any stars out there. hmm...

    i'm on the david swenson part in guruji. i love the story of the little boy getting the linen put through his nose & out his mouth kriya for his asthma. i've been laughing out loud & sometimes tearing up.

  7. i see you have changed your plans a bit. good for you :-)

  8. Actually my plans haven't changed. If I go, I'll fly into Bangalore (regardless of where I'll end up).

    I'm keen to see Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. I caught the video at Uru-Swati, and it looks good.

  9. Bindifry -- you left out the best part of the story!!

    (p. 54)... puts the tube up the kid's nose and reaches into his mouth to grab it, and "Aargh" throws up all over Guruji, who jumps back...

    This is perhaps the only passage I'll remember 20 years from now!!! I have that visual etched in my mind.

    Ralph from Dekalb

  10. ralph-i told that story to the colonel while he was eating. whoopsie :-)
    what is gross was he used the same linen to clean the next one in line. they asked him "did you get infections" he said, "yes, a few"
    good god.

    peepli live is produced by aamir khan & has nasrudian shah so it has to be good.

    can't make the parade because i'm teaching. have fun!