Wednesday, June 15, 2011

are the two primary deterants when it comes to self-surrender


Surrender is isvarapranidhana. The devotee consecrates all his works
and their fruits to the Lord. He has no will of his own. He says unto
the Lord, "I am thine. All is thine. Thy will be done. Thou art just.
Thou doest everything for me. I am an instrument in thy hands."

In surrendering one's will to the Lord, his will becomes one with the
cosmic will. He becomes one with the Lord. There is no loss in
surrendering one's will to the Lord.

Self-surrender is atma-nivedana, or prapatti. This is the highest
bhakti (devotion). The gopis of Vrindavan, Radha and Mira surrendered
everything at the feet of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was their all.

In Kathopanishad it is said, "The Lord chooses that man who has
surrendered himself, reveals himself unto him and bestows the highest
wisdom on him."

The two obstacles to self surrender are egoism and desire. Egoism and desire wage guerilla war. They assume various forms and assail the devotee again and again. Be on the alert. Be ever vigilant. Slay the
egoism and desires beyond resurrection. Then alone will you be safe.

Your sadhana sakti (ability to practise) is grace of the Lord. Guru
is grace of the Lord. Sticking to the spiritual path is grace of the
Lord. Progress in sadhana is grace of the Lord. Revelation or
intuition is grace of the Lord. Descent of divine light is grace of
the Lord. Human birth is Lord's grace. All sorts of aids to sadhana
you get such as kutir (cottage), food, clothing, medical aid, good
place for meditation, books, satsanga (good company), etc., are his
grace only.

It is difficult to eradicate the self assertive nature. Every man has
built his personality from the beginning of time. He has allowed the
rajasic (impure) mind to have its own way. This personality has grown
very strong, it is hard to make it pliable and elastic. The self
assertive man wants to dominate over others; he does not want to hear
the opinions of others, even though they may be sound, logical and


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