Friday, February 27, 2004


Bindi has had some nasty diarrhea/fever/cramps the past few days not to mention a two-week cold and yesterday she had an ugly vomiting episode. She'd been taking Cipro but it didn't seem to be doing anything. So today I brought her to see my doctor at Apollo Hospital (one of the ten best in India, very western; today the saris were emerald). After asking her how long her tattoos would last ("Until I die" -- you should have seen his face when *that* finally registered) he checked her tongue and skin and BP and determined that she's dehydrated. Then he admitted her so they could give her an IV drip to rehydrate her. This is common procedure and also voluntary. When we found out they had "deluxe" rooms with cable TV we were all over it. Also the guy in charge of billing was named Jagadish.... After a couple of hours Bindi -- who was just weak, not incoherent/faint -- already looks better. We watched an awful Matt Dillon movie (Saint of Ft. Washington) and were completely enthralled. The doctor is also going after whatever it is that took root in her intenstines -- apparently Cipro is in such common use here that most strains are immune to it (someone should tell that to the Travel Center!). Right now I'm going to pick up a couple of things (TP, soap, water, etc) and go back over there to keep her company, keep the staff in line and WATCH MORE CABLE.

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