Thursday, February 12, 2004


Bad cold today so no yoga for me (can't do ujjayi breath when the nostrils are filled w/ snot, can you?). Slept in til 8, had some peelable fruit (kept in Zip-Loc bags so the bugs don't find out), ordered a chai and then went to Nilgiri's (western-style grocery store) to pick up Kleenex, soymilk, etc. before the air filled with exhaust fumes. I saw a bus so jampacked with people that faces were pressed against the back window and several men were hanging off the side -- common here -- and then another guy got on! BTW The soymilk comes from Thailand, is expensive and has milk products in it. But it goes better with Spiruteen and museli than regular milk, which has turned me into a big fat snot factory.

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