Monday, February 23, 2004


Bindi and I were on the second floor talking

Miss Y comes in and shows us pix and we're having a straight old time

And then Miss Y asks, who wants to go with me to get a pedicure

We're both, like, f-- that

We don't get pedicures

I started on my "I've never had a pedicure, I'm for the workers" diatribe

And then she said it was only 100 rupees

We went but they didn't have time for us

Really retro place, straight out the 70s

Miss Y told the manager, "But they told me yesterday that we didn't need to make an appointment"

The woman said yes we do, bla bla bla, AND WHO TOLD YOU THIS?

She kept pressing -- who told you

Who was it?

Finally she said

(are you ready)

"If you tell me who it was, I will tackle that fellow."



The delivery was so clear

We were on the floor

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