Saturday, February 28, 2004

But Bindi's OK

Well Bindi is nearly 100 percent and on semisolid food but has to stay another night at Apollo Hospital, which she is not looking forward to. Last night was a nightmare for her, what with the clumsy night staff that didn't speak English, the searching for veins (apparently you cannot stick a needle into a tattoo so most of the time she had the IV in her THUMB; later they took it out and jabbed five or six times on the tops of both hands, blood everywhere), the phone that kept ringing and turned out to be a party line and never for her, the mosquitoes, the ants, etc. But she made it through the night (cue Barry Manilow) and tonight she'll get a sedative and the mosquitoes shouldn't be a problem because we closed the windows and turned on the AC. Her potassium levels are normal, kidneys are fine and the antibiotic is taking out the bronchitis and gastrointestinal thing. BTW the nurses wear white tops and tights with royal blue pinafores and real nurse's caps and the guy who brings the food consistently puts it on the table farthest from Bindi (who can't reach it because of the IV which hangs from a wheel-less stand). When she called him on it, he gave her a disgusted look and put it next to the TV (even more of a reach). Oh yes and then there is all the commenting on the tattoos, which seem to make her some sort of antishiva in their eyes. Don't envy her at all.....

Oh yes today's sari color was back to oxblood -- rather appropriate.

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