Sunday, February 15, 2004


I just went to Conference, in which Guruji and Sharath sit on the stage and Guruji explains something about yoga. This time it was don't do asana without vinyasa (movement linked with breath) and take only one guru. Also only one doctor, only one wife. Otherwise -- dying. There was also a garlic metaphor that I missed and an edict to study only one type of yoga. Afterwards everyone stood in line to foot-kiss and broke into small groups. We bought the new video from Sharath (I think he doesn't like me) and then Bindi and I took off to this here fast internet place. We are those two antisocial rock n roll *&^%$es with the wild hair -- actually we're just shy -- and we like it, yes we do.

Today Miss Y and I went to meet Maha Deva, the mother of Geetha (whom Y put thru nursing school). She brought us to her daughter's house, where they served us a very tasty rice dish and fruit and put on English TV for us. On the way there Maha D [now *there's* a rap name] rode sidesaddle in a beautiful white sari (with a pink rose pattern) on the back of Miss Y's bike. Maha D's other daughter was also there, many months pregnant but still tiny apart from the basketball in front (Geetha is in Bangalore, working). The grandsons kept showing us their school pictures. The older one is very serious, the younger an imp and both as cute as could be (tho the younger had a fever/headache, which should surface in me in about three days). Lots of smiling and pointing and using the small amount of Kannada we know and slightly greater amount of English they now. It was fabulous....

Then the girls put on their best saris (Y and I were in Indian dress) and we took pictures in back, in every possible group combination. It was good fun esp. as I was using the curs-ed digital camera and were able to enjoy some instant gratification. After chai we took Maha D and the older boy on our scooters to Maha's house, which was another rather long journey to Kali-knows-where. The boy rode behind me and wrapped his thin little arms around my thick waist as we weaved through traffic. I felt like I was in charge of very precious cargo indeed, he being the eldest boy and all (in the entire family as Maha's husband and only son are dead). But we made it there in two pieces. Maha gave us long, emotional goodbye hugs like we were her own daughters,and it made my heart melt. Apparently she cleans students' houses in Gokulam. I think I could learn a lot from her.

Next it was back to the Kaveri and postcard writing and lunch at Auntie's, where the new (to me) Kaveri manager -- who's quite a looker -- also turned up for lunch. As we ate we watched some Kannada movie about an overweight moustacioed rickshaw driver in a dhoti (duh). Auntie's sons seemed impressed that I had braved Lakshmi Talkies to see Dhum ("dumb"). The elder one served me as Auntie was eating -- I've never seen her eat before! as she's always serving. Normally she is in the kitchen working her ass off and customers and family are at the table in the other room, in front of the TV. We sit on plastic stools and occasionally Auntie pours out some water from a bottle and sprinkles it on the table and wipes off the crumbs with her bare hands. She was wearing a stunning magenta and purple silk sari today and I was wanting to clone it. And she said *I* looked nice in my bright blue Rs 200 Indian dress (the Kaveri guy concurred) even tho my hair was pulled up like a tart. Otherwise I was full Indian -- ankle bracelets, 12 silver bangles on each wrist, nosepin, nice necklace, punjabi dress and matching bindi (dot). Uncle was asleep on the floor in front of the TV, as he often is, swaddled in a sheet. (When I say on the floor I mean ON THE HARD, COOL CEMENT FLOOR). From time to time the nice granny
who does the dishes and appreciates a "Namaskar" when you arrive popped her head into the tiny back window and watched, too. The tiny square window fits just one head and is at head height. The sons also do this -- although more often than not one of them comes in, eats hurridly and then stands next to the TV, in front of a small wall mirror, and combs his perfect black hair back over and over a la Fonzie. Flies are everywhere and cows are outside. It's Auntie's and it's the best.

BONUS FACTOID: The Indians are FREAKED OUT about the amount of vitamins I'm taking. (Yeah, and who's twice as big and strong). They say western urine is the most expensive in the world -- because we're peeing out all those vitamins and minerals......BTW it looks *really cool* under a black light. Try it sometime.

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