Tuesday, February 24, 2004


After class Bindi and I fed some sad cows that are tied by short tethers to cement blocks. They stand in the sun in the dirt every day with nothing to eat and their ropes are so short they can't lift their heads up to normal height. And they keep the calf away from its mother! So last night I bought some bananas and carrots and we fed them to them. They seemed to wake up a bit. Then we went to breakfast and for our first-ever pedicures, just like true members of the leisure class. (BTW, what is the big deal about pedicures? I do just as good a job on my own feet. Puh-lease).

Afterwords I was SO TIRED I could not believe it so I did some laundry and then CRASHED. I ventured out for some food at Aunty's -- the anti-TV people were there. More on them later. Suffice to say they're arrogant, unfriendly beings with cell phones (which for some reason are OK) and posh European accents who won't let Aunty watch her soap while they're there. On the way home I saw the saddest sheep ever, still died, I mean dyed dayglo yellow from last month's festival and on a short tether perfectly motionless with its face in the corner. I thought it was dead. I need to feed it....I came back home and finished (reading) a novel and then ran some horrid errands. Now I'm here, at the airless Browsing center. After signing off I'll get some chappatis and hit the sack. Not a bad day, in all. But the poor animals. And in so many ways the people are worse off, though....Must give to some charity before I go....

For those of you who want to comment on any of this I've set up a request line: satyacacananda@yahoo.com. Remember -- if you have no expectations, you won't be disappointed.

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