Monday, July 17, 2006


Today's Vocabulary Word:

Bisi = Kannada for "hot"

Today I was in a deep squat having my usual Caca vs. Pasasana struggle when suddenly I felt footsteps behind me. Next thing you know Guruji was wedging his shin behind my bum and pulling my right arm around my legs. He's still a strong man at 91. Nonetheless I sort of collapsed after each side. It seemed he was about to let go with a "Eh! Bad lady, heh heh," so I handed him my spare towel. But he ignored it and said "Caca! You know what Caca means in Kannada?" And I said, "Spicy?" And he said

"Yes, yes, spicy, heh heh. Always spicy -- you!"

Last Thursday I asked Guruji about authorization ("It OK I teaching?") and after much back and forth he said I needed to get an "application" from Sharath, and then pointed to what turned out to be someone's authorization letter. That was the same morning Sharath had given me Danurasana and Parsva Danurasana. On Friday afternoon I got up my nerve and asked Sharath about authorization. He of course said no. Apparently you *do* now have to come to Mysore at least four times -- not three. For some reason (denial?) I'm not taking it personally. From the website (courtesey of Matrika):

"Authorized teachers generally are permitted to teach only
the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series and generally have made at least four
trips to AYRI of 3+ months duration. The student must also demonstrate
appropriate attitude, devotion to the practice, and proficiency in the
Primary Series (and usually at least half of the Second Series) as
determined by the directors of AYRI."

Perhaps next time one oughtta check the website before she opens her big yap....


  1. Yes, perhaps that would be a good idea.

    (before she opens her big yap....)

  2. Greeting from Sarawak.