Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Today's Vocabulary Words:

Eve-Teasing = groping a woman

Toast Soldiers = British for vertical pieces of toast, often served with soft-boiled eggs and featured on the menu at the Green Hotel

There was an informal going-away party for Janice and Stephen tonight; last week I said goodbye to Matrika and Becca and before that it was Abby. And now I'm going.

I bought a trunk today -- which means I should be coming back at some point. Yet I haven't even begun to pack....

I had a minor backbending breakthrough today, which makes me think that perhaps there *is* some method to the madness here. Or maybe I'm just the new Goldilocks. Because when Guruji does dropbacks with me, he helps me and does all the work whether I want him to or not. Sharath, on the other hand, will wait in front of my mat and tell me to stand up. But Saraswati (Guruji's daughter) has been pursuing the middle path. She will watch me bounce up and down, trying to come up, for awhile. Then she'll tell me to stand up. When I can't quite get all the way up -- I've been floating up 3/4 of the way and then falling back into backbend (albeit gracefully) -- she'll grab my hips and help me the last bit of the way up. A few days ago she said, "Dropping back?" and I said "Yes, that part is easy." So she had me drop back on my own and then helped me stand up and the very end.

Today I felt like crap; I was overtired after dinner at Jammu's friend Shanthala's house last night and my wrist hurt and my ankle hurt. And Sharath busted me in Parsva Danurasana (apparently the toes should point and you should really "stretch the back." Today in backbends Saraswati watched me struggle for a long time, as I bounced up and down. I was in the corner spot by the office, and I felt Sharath in there watching me, too. I must have made at least a dozen to stand; I bet they're as sick of me as I am. I keep making it 3/4 of the way up and then going back down. Yet the past few practices I haven't cared that much whether I stand up or not. I've also been watching the people who do it well. They don't struggle; they just do it.

During today's attempts to stand up I *really* used my legs and naval lock (abdominal muscles) rather than pusing off hard with my arms, which can cause harm to both me (my back) and others.

Finally Saraswati moved to the front of my mat. I tried to come up and got 3/4 of the way there and she helped me on the last quarter. "Thank you," I said. "Maybe it's coming tomorrow or next day." She nodded and motioned for me to drop back, which I did. And then I walked in my hands and floated up to standing -- without her help. And then I did it again: drop back, walk in, float up.

Yes my feet were splayed. But I used my legs and abdominals. And I did it without slapping anyone or stomping on anyone's head or running backwards or knocking down my teacher. And my back felt great.

Now, if I can only repeat the feat sometime this lifetime.


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  2. Dreyfuss' Favorite Musician4:34 PM

    Since you've been gone, I started a band called Toast Soldiers. We only play breakfast houses. Of course, as you might expect we rock them like nobody's business.

  3. when are you leaving? Hope it all goes well.. UK gripped in a heatwave and there are human lobsters walking about

    love ax

    ps.. can you send three sis pic sometime?

  4. Anonymous2:21 PM

    The London tube sure does suck in the hot weather. Heck, it sucks all the time.

  5. Dreyfuss' favorite monkey2:24 PM

    I have seen that breakfast band, playing for coffee and bacon fat fried eggs, which can be fried right on the sidewalk in this heatwave.

    Is it ok to bring your own eggs to a restaurant?

  6. toast soldier8:36 AM

    I believe it is okay to bring your own eggs, but there is usually a cracking fee (much like a corkage fee at restaurants for wine).

    Mmmmm... sidewalk-fried eggs.

  7. The gum stuck on the sidewalk, which you have fried your eggs on, adds a nice oak-like note on your pallet,
    but it has to be at least 1 year old gum, if it is less than year old it leaves a sickenly sweet juicy fruit note on your pallet, which is OK for those that like Boones Farm or upstate NY or Michigan wines.

  8. "I bet they're as sick of me as I am."

    Thank you for the above admission. I see the beauty. Otto