Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Because if you can't show something nice -- .....

Bangles at Devaraj Urs Market

Chamundi Hill in Monsoon Season, as Seen from The Kaveri Lodge Roof

Lovely Green Bananas

Real Live Elephants in the Wild

Koi Pond at the Ramakrishna Ashram in Mysore


  1. The Chamundi Hill pic is sublime.

  2. Wow, what was the Ashram like? When you visit do you tour it or sit in the garden or do they have grounds on which you can walk about? BTW, had a minor car accident today - about a $1K damage to both cars. Witness and police say it was her fault and she got a ticket while I did not. Amazingly, I feel much more shaken up than after a motor bike accident in Mysore... and I was in my nice, safe, airbagged car in my own culture. Wonder what that is about?

  3. It's our culture of fear, thanks to Madison Av. and all the special interests they work for, an none of them are in OUR interest.

  4. The ashram between Gokulam and Mysore proper. I don't know the rules -- I simply visited the bookstore a few times.