Saturday, July 22, 2006


Today's Vocabulary Word:

Oota gante = Kannada (sort of) for "lunchtime"

It's 3AM in Chicago and lunchtime in Mysore -- which means it's the time for photos:

Around the corner from the tailor Sachin, the Ayurvedic Hospital, the fabric-pusher Mansoor, the Bharath diagnostic center (where we got mammograms) and the word famous Piles and Fistula Clinic.

Karnataka's answer to Reservoir Dogs? As far as I know, "voilent" is not a word. Yet every poster for this fillum boasted the same typo. You can tell from the writing and hero's moustache and poofy hair that this is a Kannada fillum.

The road by Tina's house in Gokulam, where I often dined on breakfast of y'eggs, coconut dosa and a large masala chai. Note the absence of the One-Legged Man, Dirty Wee Boy with Monkeys and Snakes, Impossibly Thin Woman with Infant, and others in need of Western rupees.

The back room where Harini and Shashikala of Three Sisters give ayurvedic massages and castor oil baths. They stand holding a rope made of twisted fabric (top middle) and let their feet do all the work. The room is on an angle, so you end up inching towards the wall on the right, and they have to keep telling you to slide back to the center. Afterwords Shashikala bathes you with warm water as though you're a helpless infant -- quite a healing treat for the improperly mothered.

The famous Three Sisters frozen lassi. It takes forever to make, comes in flavors such as banana, papaya, cocont and mango, and becomes unexpectedly unavailable when the power goes out. They close the kitchen door securely and there's great secrecy when they make it; while sitting on the floor in front of the fan you can hear them pounding away on something that is either a block of frozen yogurt (my theory) or a block of ice (everyone else's theory) or something else. On my last day it was quite hot and I had a saffron one, which immediately cooled me off and made me feel felt like everything would be OK. Still, I was packing up to the very last minute and was delayed a couple of hours in Amsterdam -- which meant time for an awesome veggie sandwich on that too-fresh brown, seed-encrusted European bread; fresh-squeezed orange juice; and a superstrong latte. Not enough time, though, to view the Rembrandts on display at the airport. Funny, I was the only one on the flight wearing Indian dress.


  1. Yea, Caca is back in town!

    We should walk over to Wrigley for a game and some beer.

  2. Its ootada samaya for lunch time and not that crap which you have typed. Between kannada is spelt as KANNADA AND kandana

  3. Vignesh? Is that you???

  4. Anonymous7:50 PM


    I am vignesh. I do not know who "gochuu" is.

    To set the record straight, I am from tamilnadu and I speak only Tamil and English. I don't know anyword in Kannada. From your blog, I am afraid you know more Kannada than me.

    Thanks for asking. I am afraid, someone has been using my name and got me in trouble with one of your friends in Mysore. Now, someone, somewhere in this world thinks of me as a sexist,chauvinist, and what have you!!! I did clarify with an explanation, unfortunately my words were summarily deleted!!!

    I hope atleast you allow me to post my comment on your blog, if not for me, atleast as a journalist you owe it to your profession!!!

    Also, it barely takes five seconds to track the IP address of the visitors to your blog. If you verify the IP address of mine, it would have been from Chicago until July 1st, and now from a southern state (I moved).

    I hope you remember, We exchanged one email loooongtime back regarding your articles.

    I despise people with rude language as the one "gochuu" has used.

    If you want me to clarify more, I am willing to email you my phone number (I still have chicago area code (708), so its not long distance).

    I do not know what else to say. However, thanks for asking.


    P.S: I am bit opinionated, sometimes I am afraid my comments maynot be in the best language. But I certainly am not a rude person. I always (100%)leave comments with my first name.

  5. Hi CK
    hope re-entry is painless and that you have more time to write, obviously as shopping will take less priority now :)

    life here good, but hayfever means I am dribbling a lot
    write soon
    DR D xxx