Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I've been half raw (diet-wise) since returning from NYC.

My current obsession is beets, which I'd always disliked.

Now I can't get enough of them -- and the beautiful magenta mess they make.

They are not easy to find.

You must go to Stanley's or Fresh Farms in Little India on Devon Avenue.

They are having grocery wars on Devon.

Patel's just expanded and added a produce section. They are selling everything from bulk incense to Red Label Tea to frozen dosas at or below cost. I picked up a 99-cent pineapple there today.

Fresh Farms, a few doors away, is fighting back with their own low low prices.

I'm sure someone is being exploited somewhere.

But today for lunch I had iddly with Trader Joe's sambar and a massive salad with shredded beets and avocado and tossed with fresh lemon juice and organic olive oil.

Now that's the stuff.


  1. We will keep you supplied with as beets as you want this summer.

  2. Oops, as many beets as you want.

  3. looks yum. avocados are serious yum right now, too