Monday, March 05, 2007


I think I lost my cell phone.

At 3:35 I used it to call Bindi and tell her I wasn't going to the cool Japanese movie after all.

Then I lay down, put in the eardrops, and promptly fell into a deep, dreamless sleep for 1.5 hours.

I awakened, had a cold cup of chai, did an phone interview (via landline) with Johnny Mars -- who's back on WXRT! -- and packed up the laptop. Then I headed over to Gridlife's.

On the way I starting digging out the phone to call MariKay about practicing on Monday.

But the phone wasn't in its special pocket.

"Oh, it's probably at home," I thought, and continued on my way to Gridlife's and then to the pot-luck known as Sunday Night Club.

When I got home at 10 I tore the place apart; no phone.

I called my cell phone number; nothing.

I got the flashlight and went outside, still calling my number.


It wasn't on the sidewalk, the gutter or the street.

It wasn't in the car (where I found it when I lost it last week).

I tore the house apart again.

Then I went online and looked at my most recent usage; the call to Bindi at 3:35.

"Well, at least no one's stolen it," I thought.

So I suspended service.

Then I considered reinstating it; if someone found the phone, they could call me (since I'm listed in the directory under "home.")

And if it's in the car, maybe it would ring while I was driving.

I fell asleep contemplating these things and then pushing them out of my mind....

This morning at 5AM I began searching new places; the garbage can, the refrigerator, behind the bed.


And now I must contemplate getting a new phone: Do I buy it from Cingular? From eBay? Do I ask my friends if they have an old Nokia sitting around somewhere?

But it can't be just any phone.

It has the be the old-school Nokia 6010.

Because I have all the accessories for it.

Because I actually know how to use it.

Because it doesn't have a million features.

My Nokia 6010 was free, but for some reason it now retails for $59.95.

Any ideas?

And then there's the whole SIM card problem; all of the lost numbers....

I'll think about that one later.



Just when I'd done one final car search and given up all hope and decided it didn't matter anyway....

I got out of the car.

And there it was, in the driver's-seat crack.

Go figger


  1. I have a brand new in the box Nokia 6010 as a matter of fact, just as a cheap spare. It cost $30 at WallyWorld a few months ago.

    Perhaps you need a larger European carryall?

  2. You should clone the phone numbers on your sim card, just in case you lose said item gain.