Thursday, March 08, 2007


The Sinus Headache From Hell returned today for an encore performance.

Since I was teaching three in a row (6AM, 7:30AM, 10AM) there was little I could do to fix it -- although I did try alternate nostril breathing while driving to the first class, and did headstand while the students were in savasana (corps pose).

(All three classes, by the way, were Level I Dharma Mittra Hatha Raja Yoga)

But it wasn't until after I taught, visited Stanley's and used the focus group gift card to pick up a purple jacket at the Super Yoga Megastore that I had time to do anything about it.

By then the head hurt so much I was nauseous.

But I forced myself to do the Feldenkrais and S-I exercises and then did five backbends, followed by alternate nostril breathing.

Again it went away.

It returned later, during class number four, at the well-designed health club.

Apparently they just painted the walls in the holistic studio.

There is zero ventilation in the holistic studio.

The fumes hit me the second I walked in and did not go away.

I propped open the doors with blocks.

One student took it upon herself to remove them, because she was near the door.

I put them back.

Still there was no ventilation.

By the end of class my throat hurt, my head hurt and I was nauseous.

And I am subbing there tomorrow at 6:30AM.

There should be a law or something....

Maybe a quick call to OSHA would do the trick.

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  1. OSHA is of little use in your type venue, they are more industrial oriented.

    I will say however, breathing toxic paint vapors in a supposed
    holistic yoga studio is TOXIC in itself.

    Is there no one in management that has even 1/2 a brain?