Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday I did Dharma's master sequence, which includes a lot of forearm balances.

I haven't fallen over the pose in eons, so I practiced near the front of the mat.

Suddenly, I slammed legs-first into the bookcase and harmonium. Candle wax flew everywhere.

Both shins were a bloody, stinging mess.

The harmonium looks kind of broken.

And the ego was crushed.

* * *


I used the bathroom just before the 11am led primary class. As I was washing my hands, my bangs, which are overdue for a trim (once I find a new hairdresser who listens to me and doesn't leave me sitting there for 20 minutes after our appointment start-time while he goes to the bank), stuck in my right eye. I brushed them away... and suddenly my contact lens was folded in two and stuck in some far-away crevice of the eyeball. I could not get it out. And class was about to start.

So I did what any trouper would do and taught the class, after telling them briefly what had happened. I only forgot one pose - Navasana. (Funny, no one reminded me or complained. Perhaps that's why it won "least favorite pose" at YogaNow's Christmas party).

Afterwords I went into the club's best-lit, least-used bathroom and dug and dug. But still I could not get out the contact. The eye was a sore red mess, which put me into quite a sad state. I gave up, and decided not to run the day's many errands. Instead, I drove straight home - where I still couldn't get it out, even after reading and trying many helpful online tips.

I started calling around to eye doctors. The one nearest my house wanted $70 to come in, and said it would probably cost more "depending on the problem." I said I didn't have that kind of money.

Then I called Pearle Vision.

They said the most it would cost would be $20.

I went in.

The nice lady doctor did a search.

She was quite thorough.

She found nothing.

She charged nothing.

And the ego was crushed again.


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Glad the Pearle doctor was a gem.

    Feel better!

  2. First thing I thought of was that it probably wasn't in your eye anymore at all...when I used to wear contacts, that would sometimes happen to me. Sometimes I would discover the dried up contact on the floor the next day. Hope you feel better.

  3. Cara, your ego wasn't crushed because OF THIS??????

    Of course feel better soon....

  4. Anonymous10:10 AM least the sun is out

  5. Wannabe yogi1:28 PM

    Solution for bangs- bowl on head and good scissors. Of course that may only work for mothers and children under ten. BTW so I don't have to go into backbend after forearm balance? Hee.

  6. Oh shit! That must've been SCARY. I'm so happy that lady helped you out. It's nice when things like that happens - reaffirming.

    I had a lot of those moments right after 9/11. I'd be walking down the street crying and strangers would ask me if I was ok.