Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In NYC it was quite cold. Even the people with hairstyles were wearing the faux fur hats with the earflaps.

(Of course it wasn't nearly as cold as Chicago, where the stuff in the nostrils freezes when you inhale. I did the test; I know).

But at least they had the sun.

Each and every day it was there, beaming at us as we walked everywhere we had to go.

Here, 'most every day, it's been gray gray gray.


And it's only January.


Photo was snapped on a rare sunny morning on Lake Shore Drive.


  1. why don't you move to ny? you can be with your guru all the time & have sun, etc.
    i think chicago is better though.

  2. Yes what are you doing in Chicago when Dharma is here?

  3. Apparently it would lead to financial ruin. That's why.

  4. Oh I wish you could find work here. I'll send an om shanti shanti your way.

  5. With respect to living in proximity to the guru, it is sometimes said that if you get too close you may get burned. Sometimes a little distance is actually better. Otherwise we may forget our relative position, and think guru-ji to be just some other guy or gal. By contrast, if you see the teacher once in a while, you will hang on each and every word or instruction.

    Viewed another way, "distance" between guru and student is a physical calculation, which is of no consequence on the absolute plane. Chicago? New York? It doesn't matter. Home is where the heart is.

  6. +1 g.d.
    well said.
    but satya-you would totally get a lot of work in NY. you are very good at what you do! it's obvious god is with you.

  7. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I'd try to write something eloquent about how Chicago is far superior to NY, but 1) it's not true (one is not superior to the other) and 2) I shouldn't be selfish. (I'd much prefer you stay here).

    Besides, who are you going to believe- me or the talking orange?

    Also, you took that picture as a passenger -not as a driver headed south down LSD, right? Good. I feel much better now.

  8. Boodiba - thank you for the prayer.

    g.d. - I agree 100 percent.

    Bindi - thank you for the vote of confidence. But it seems it's just not in the cards.

    Anon - Thank you also for your kind comment. The photo... took itself.