Monday, January 04, 2010


Two classes with Dharma and all is well again.

Actually it took about two seconds, and the tears started.

Not long after, I was in poses I'd never tried before -

despite the Xmas excess and just stepping off the plane.

The magic is still here, maybe moreso.

A highlight, from the end of the evening class:

"You have an obligation to find out who you really are."

Not an option, but an obligation.

And something to focus on in the new year.

Photo snapped this afternoon on Bleecker near Lafayette (and not far from the Puck Building, Eddie Stern's, and the great curry-and-chai stall, Lahore.


  1. and when you get back, you have an obligation to go see india's BEST film since lagaan-"3 idiots". pipers alley. bring a roll of tissue. don't miss this one.

  2. Very Powerful. The relationship with student and teacher. It is amazing not only on the asana level but spirutally.
    I hear about that often; but don't believe I've experienced it on that level. perhaps in this lifetime?

  3. Ooooh when you find "your" teacher it's truly special.