Thursday, January 21, 2010


Only in America - the land of bulimia, food fights and cutting.....

Apparently there are Americans in cold climes who willingly live without heat.

(These are not poor, uneducated people, mind you. They know better than to live without heat).

They are hipsters, artists, off-the-gridders, iconoclasts and - of course - New Yorkers.

“The best thing about living in a non-isothermal house” — isothermal means “constant in temperature” — “is that you’re able to walk from indoors to out of doors all the time,” said one of the people quoted in yesterday's New York Times article. “What limits us is only our fear of the cold.”

I got cold just reading about it.

See for yourself here.

And note that not a single one lives in the Midwest.


  1. Huh. All KINDS of weird in the world.

  2. The picture is wonderful.

  3. Hi Cara,
    There are peoples who pay to sleep in "Ice Hotel".

    I never have been there but want to try it ... Do you want to come with me ? ;-)

    Take a look and enjoy.

    [url=""][color="#0000FF"]Ice Hotel[/color][/url]

  4. Some more pictures :

  5. The photo was taken last week on a North Side street. Today, the snow is gone (and so is the sun).

    The Ice Hotel looks awesome. I want to go to there.