Saturday, June 04, 2011


I've been intrigued by small places for a long time. I'm always shocked when I see shows like "House Hunters," where single people often won't settle for less than three bedrooms and two baths. The mainstream American lifestyle is all about taking more than one actually needs. It also brings up the issue of greed, which is addressed in the Yoga Sutras:

aparigrahasthairye janmakathamtasambodhah
One who is not greedy is secure. He has time to think deeply.
His understanding of himself is complete. ~ Yoga Sutra II.39

The interest in small places was re-ignited while reading Swami Muktananda's "Play of Consciousness." He did much of his sadhana in the small hut, above. (The picture in the book is far more dear: it shows him as well as the beautiful mango tree that was like his best friend....the path can be very lonely even for the oldest of souls).

Then I saw this video, of a family that lives in 320-square-foot shotgun shack that cost just $15,000 new and is in a rural area, where they pay a little over $100 a month to lease the land:

And I thought, what a perfect place for sadhana....

Learn more about the Small House Movement here.