Wednesday, April 21, 2010


On Wednesday from 12-1 Central Time I was be part of a live chat on the Lunchbox, a co-production of Chicago Public Radio and Vocalo. You can read the transcript here.

The topic was the media (I've been a media columnist for Illinois Entertainer since... 1992? 1993? 1920?). The questions were supposed to be:

1)Do brand-name columnists need newspapers anymore? And how are our news start-ups doing?

2)Spanish station WOJO is #1 in the radio market (25-54) – What does this say about the future of radio? What is the next trend for Chi radio?

3)TV anchors are moving around like a firesale – what is going on? Will people follow personalities from station to station? [This will be fun, since I don't watch TV news]

The other panelists were my journalism mentor, Robert Feder, plus Andrew Huff of Gapers Block, Larz of Chicagoland Radio and Media, and communications consultant and author Walter Podrazik.

I played the role of token female.

There were no people of color on the panel.....

Which shows just how much the media has changed in the past 100 years.

Maybe that should have been the topic.

(Aw, just be quiet, little girl - and be glad we let you join the party).

It's all maya anyway....


  1. Cara J:
    "No one has time to [find]'The good stuff' in the clutter."

    I know you're making a point about media here, but that quote reads way deep . . .

    Fight maya.

  2. haha. "token female." I hope you dressed the part! (short skirt? boobs a-bouncing?)
    Seriously though, don't undercut yourself, you must have earned your place at the table. Enjoy the meal.

  3. I think Rob Feder (a non-asana-practicing yogi) made sure they made a place for me.

    I loved calling them out on their matter-of-course hatred of Oprah... who, like a yogi, uses her platform for good.