Tuesday, April 06, 2010


The New York TImes says gray hair is in, so it must be true.

Apparently models - models! - have been sporting gray-streaked hair during Major Fashion Events.

Even the editors have been sporting gray....

including a famous 13-year-old blogger and fashion mascot named Tavi Gevinson.

Pink did it at the Grammys.

And even Kate Moss has been sporting "graylights" of late.

Sharon Dorram, an influential New York colorist, said that among her downtown New York patrons, it is mostly younger women, renegade types, who request gray. Not lost on Ms. Dorram is the irony that their older, more conventional counterparts spent $1.3 billion to cover their grays last year, according to Nielsen....

“These women are showing that they have the money and the inclination to make gray a fashion statement,” said Rose Weitz, a professor of women and gender studies at Arizona State University. Professor Weitz, the author of “Rapunzel’s Daughters: What Women’s Hair Tells us about Women’s Lives,” suggested that to dye one’s hair gray is to flout one of fashion’s last taboos.

For a 16-year-old, it is something akin to having multiple piercings or tattoos, she said. “It takes confidence to pull off the look,” Professor Weitz said. “It’s going to be the head cheerleader who does this, not the nerdy science student.”

Of course here in Chicago we've been doing it for years....

not because it's fashionable,

but because it's practical.


  1. On thank God! Cause I stopped getting professional color right before Dad got sick and I never went back. I've gotten poorer as my rate has failed to increase. I use the root covering kits every few weeks but I miss lots of spots. I'm sort of "dalmatian gray".

  2. We are *so* ahead of the curve.

    The joke is on them, tho - since they're paying for it!

  3. ya it's the poor ladies' apathy special! :) Hey I spent years as a little sex kitten and did it give me true love? Nope. So screw it! If anyone wants to find me attractive it's gonna be to me in my natural state of sloppy.

  4. I hear you; I found my best boyfriend (an actual gentleman) when I had a mohawk.

  5. You had a mohawk??? Can you email me a picture please? :)

  6. If I ever scan one, I will.

    (it was tall and blonde... like me... at the time).

  7. Well I'd love to see it. I once posted a pix of my rightfully embarrassed 17 year old self in a horrible, Gone With the Wind style prom dress...

  8. So screw it! If anyone wants to find me attractive it's gonna be to me in my natural state of sloppy.