Tuesday, April 20, 2010


One of the definitions of sattva (peace, harmony, purity) in the Bhagavad-Gita is, "What is poison in the beginning becomes nectar in the end."

Having my two favorite Indian fast food places close in quick succession was indeed like the poison.

Jai Hind closed a couple of months ago. I loved their home-made $3.49 meals, which came with kaman dhokla, sambar and three chapattis. It was always quiet, warm, friendly and clean in there. There was somehow a devotional atmosphere. Now, there's a meat restaurant in its place. Jai Hind has plans to re-open on Devon Avenue near Rockwell, but it hasn't happened yet.

Then, Annapurna closed. This was my safe haven during the months of torture in the old apartment. I always knew I could go there for a $3.99 veg plate meal or $2.99 masala dosa and .75 cup of chai, and read the Indian newspapers.

But now they're closed, too.

(I recently saw the manager next door at the Patel Bros murti-and-kitchenware store, in his street clothes. He looked relaxed! [The Patel brothers own most of the block, by the way - including Annapurna and Mysore Woodland. For the record, they're Gujarati, not Kannadiga] Anyway he assured me they would re-open May 1. [With higher prices, I bet]).

The result is that I've been eating home more often.

I've been eating healthier. More live.

And I've been eating less.

It's been good for the practice.

It's been good for the mind.

It's become nectar in the end....

....at least until Annapurna opens again.

Then it will probably be back to the rajas (nectar in the beginning, poison in the end).


  1. Yes... "In this economy" our fav places often close. My personal "Cheers", Telephone Bar... gone after 22 years in business at the same location. Madras Cafe, the only veg southern Indian near me, cleared out & was taken over by my fav samosa place next door. So they were both out of commission for a good six months.

    At least now I have great, convenient samosas available again...

  2. Cool, love the cycle in this post :-)

  3. You might not like this but lately in my middle age crazy lady fashion I have been telling my Indian friends that I view Indian food as "the best junk food in the world". They are horrified.

    It is so satisfying.
    To say this.
    I think that Indian food is.
    And I can say what I want 'cause I am happily married to an Indian and I LOve Indian food.
    It isn't LIVE.
    It isn't raw.
    And my body can't take it.