Friday, April 02, 2010


Yesterday I saw this rather spectacular sunset on the way home from the fancy brown health club. I was already flying high from the unseasonably warm weather, the students' wonderful energy and the awesome bhangra dance party on the radio - which featured more than one fast and furious harmonium solo. And then I saw this. (The mood dissolved a tiny bit when I got home and found that all the street parking had been taken by attendees of the pre-Good Friday event at the church. But who minds prowling for parking while the bhangra is blasting?).

This morning I got up, sat, retrieved the car, and saw this amazing sunrise on the way to teach. Same street, opposite side of the El.

And this time, bhajans were playing on the stereo.



That would be WW's former building on the left. How I wish he still lived (t)here.

Never, ever take photos while on LSD.


Click on the links above to hear bhangra and bhajans.


  1. i like the images of morning. thanks for the images.

  2. Welcome!

    And how I love Coorg!

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