Sunday, April 04, 2010


The first time I heard the theory that Jesus was in India during the missing years (ages 12 to 30), I was like, BS!

Now I'm not so sure.

Today, when Shiva called and talked about the idea that Easter is symbolic for Jesus reaching samadhi and re-joining God, I was like, Of course.

* * *

This photo shows the view of the church across the street; it looks upside-down when one is in Uttana Padasana. The wonderful vibes from their two Easter services kept flowing in through the open window during practice today (as did the allergens. But that's another story).


*Click here to view the BBC documentary, or here for another film about it.


  1. I made it through most of the book and then got interrupted by travel and never finished it. I seem to remember some pretty good arguments...

    I'd like to see parts of northern India whether or not I believe the theories, but I don't know. I'm through with subletting...

  2. Hi J
    that explains my theory of why Jesus and Buddha are best buds. well, except that Buddha was born about 500 years before. well, he could have come out of a cave and visited with young J. in India. Happy Easter.
    word verif "baywan" - i'm in the bay area one more week.

  3. sorry, I mean "C". i confused you a moment with Napper. haha.

  4. I always thought that Jesus was a reincarnation of Buddha and that Buddha was a reincarnation of Krishna- but it doesn't really matter cause they all come together in the end.
    But it makes sense
    Physical love-Krishna
    Compassion (soul) love-Buddha
    Spiritual love-Christ