Friday, April 09, 2010


....started coming up out of the kitchen sink today, just as I woke up from a wonderful, much-needed nap.

Then more came up, like bubblin' crude, and contaminated the dishes.

Then some more bubbled up, with another loud, disgusting belch.

So much came up that I started collecting it in buckets and dumping it down the toilet.

Interestingly, the landlord does not pick up his phone. Or call back. Hmmmm....

So I took matters into my own hands.

After two searches of the building, I dug up a man who had just finished routing the third floor sink.

He's in the kitchen right now, dismantling the plumbing.

The stench is wafting into the dining room as I write this. Feces!

At least this happened after the nap.

Ah, lila!


  1. it's really dirty. i can see the pictures. i tired to see this pictures on net, how you directly.

  2. oh dear. wow. i don't know what to say. sorry C.K.

  3. And I just had my first colon cleansing today. How appropriate!

  4. Oh God - that is way worse than ConEd!!! I really hope the problem is already taken care of. Poor you.

  5. Boo boo bear11:53 AM

    I suppose it's better than the sh*t hitting the fan, but really not much more pleasant. So sorry.

    50 foot QE made me laugh out loud.

    Good luck C.K. Knowing that other people have worse situations is probably little consolation, but I trust that this is fixable and will be taken care of relatively quickly. Hang in there and be glad it's not super hot (stifling smell of crap) and it's not too cold (where you'd freeze yourself out by opening the windows). Open the windows and let the Chicago spring inside!

    Om shanti.

  6. Boo boo bear11:59 AM

    BTW, so glad you got the nap before this incident- it's as if you had some "prep time"!

    Secondly, your "bubblin' crude" comment was great... you know you should be a writer... oh wait, you're way ahead of me on that.

    p.s. my word verification is "peepacem"... pee- poo- close enough

  7. I'm so sorry--I wish you were here with us instead.

  8. It wasn't that bad - anything is easier to take after a nap - but the LL took a good two hours to call back, and then tried to tell me it wasn't raw sewage, but "sink stuff" that was volcano-ing up from the drain. I was, like, 'It didn't SMELL like sink stuff."

  9. Life in the big city!

  10. i have no words....because i'm going to vomit.